Operations / Standards
Our operational policy involves upholding and improving our company’s corporate image through good business principles. The company’s underlying values of honesty, openness, teamwork, professionalism, promotion of trust and respect for people determine our principles. These principles are applied to all our transactions; large and small, hence, describes the conduct of every employee in conduct of our business which reflect integrity in all our dealings as we continue to do business within the legitimate bounds of the law.

Inventory Level
In Gritco Nigeria Limited, quality is non-negotiable in performance and delivery of our products and services. To meet our clients’ increasing demand, we operate a computerized/automated system to allow for prompt extraction/dissemination of information. In addition, we keep a high level of inventory of all our product types which are properly stored in our warehouse. This ensures prompt delivery of products at ours clients’ earliest ordering to guarantee your projects stay on schedule.

Our clientele list cuts across operators in the oil and gas, marine, agro-allied and engineering sectors.

The management team of Gritco Nigeria Limited is composed of reputable Nigerians of high integrity with diverse top level experiences int he Oil, Gas, Marine, Agro-Allied Industries and General Business Management. They provide speedy response, client tailored solution to individual client’s need.