PPG Protective & Marine coatings is a global leader in the development of innovative technologies in the high-performance coatings industry.
We provide you with the industry’s broad range of maintenance coatings for industrial and heavy-duty corrosion protection, as well as marine and offshore coatings. Whether you need corrosion prevention or fire protection at a plant or an offshore platform, PPG Protective & Marine Coatings serves your needs.

What type of material requires rust removal and cleaning under what type of conditions? What is the best surface profile for a given coating system? The best solution starts with custom advice from our experts.
When it comes to properties as well as grain size, Sibelco offers the best service and the most comprehensive range of blast cleaning abrasives for every application.

AIRBLAST BV, Netherlands are manufacturers of airblast blasting & painting equipment and spares.

In addition, they produce Personal protective Equipment (PPEs) for blasters and painters, including Blaster’s Hude, Blaster’s leather coverall, Blaster’s leather hand gloves, Painter’s helmets, Painter’s coverall, etc. Airblast BV also source all GRACO & CLEMCO blasting and painting equipment and spares directly from the manufacturer.

In bringing you Integrated Radiographic Film System, Gritco Nigeria Limited assures our valuable clients of products with improved quality and safety, greater ease, savings in time and cost and the peace of mind that comes with a proven, end-to-end solution.

In offering you renowned structurix film systems, we are providing you the films and solutions most widely used in industrial radiography.

GRITCO NIGERIA LIMITED provides our valuable customers with effective and efficient Leakage Repair System for all sizes of pies, concrete structures, steel and iron structure facilities manufactured by Air Logistics Corporation, USA.

Our product is time-saving, cost effective and provides an excellent leak repair in every area of application.